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Besan Laddooo

Laddoo or laddu is a sphere shaped sweet that has again originated from our Indian Subcontinent. The word Laddoo has originated from Sanskrit word - Lattika. So, traditionally Laddoos were made from flour, sugar, and ghee with optional addition nuts of choice.

So, lets keep it traditional and make these Besan(Gram-flour) laddoos the traditional way. Flour, sugar, ghee and nuts. These simple ingredients when used the right way can turn into mouth watering desserts.

Let's begin...

For these delicious sweet treats, all we need is a bunch of ingredients, and some patience. The patience while making these is duly rewarded when you take a bite of these beauties.

Ingredients -

  • 2 Cup - Besan( Gram flour)

  • 1 Cup +1/2 Cup - Shakkar Bura/ Powdered Sugar

  • 1/2 Cup - Ghee(clarified butter)

  • 1 tsp - Elaichi Powder (cardamom powder)

  • 1/4 Cup - Chopped Almonds or nuts of your choice (optional)

Instructions -

  • In a heavy bottomed pan or kadhai heat the ghee, and add in the besan(gram flour) and saute it on medium flame. The mix will be powdery at this stage. Do not add any more ghee,to make it come together.

  • The mix will turn aromatic and will begin to change color, gradually becoming like a thick batter. Stir it often to avoid besan sticking to the bottom of the pan. Once the mix begins to darken, add in the chopped nuts and roast again.

  • Remove from heat when the mix has become dark brown in color. Cool the mix to room temperature.

  • Add in the 1 cup shakkar bura or the powdered sugar and cardamom powder and mix it until everything is evenly combined.

  • Scoop out a portion to make round spheres to form laddoos. Once you have formed all the laddoos coat them in some bura/powdered sugar mix for a nice effect. You can garnish with a slice of chopped nut on top.

A close-up look of the Besan Laddoo.

Pro - Tip : While making laddoos in summer use only the granulated part of the ghee for better results. Resist the urge of adding more ghee in step 1, the mix will get to the right consistency as it cooks.

These Besan laddoos bring back the memories of hostel days, when a box full of these from home would vanish within days. These snacks carried Mumma's affection as she would send them with anyone travelling to our city. The aroma of these is sure to bring back some nostalgia of the good old days.

Get Cooking...!

So, make this no fail recipe of Traditional Indian Besan Laddoos to reminisce the childhood memories of the Maa ke haath ka swaad. Shared with so much "Love", I promise these will taste as good as your Maa ke haath ka khaana.

Good luck!

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